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Language classes lexicographer

  • Author:Tong Xiaogang
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-06-23
Bilingual dictionary compilation difficulties:
1, compiled a dictionary entry word content need to refer to a large corpus, complicated work repeatedly contrasts;
2, compiled by limiting the number of work and post-work led to the foundation are quite huge, difficult to bear;
3, dictionaries upgrade no basis, not retroactive;

Dictionary compilation is not an ordinary person's work but the work of the saints;

Whether there are effective tools and methods to better solve bilingual dictionary compiled it? This has become an urgent work.

Dictionary compilation is a great project, the early preparation work basically the first national project, the authority of expert organizations in the field to participate in the preparation of a long project cycle, every turn is a few years, or even decades. Most workers are aged compiled relatively large expert.

Profit-oriented modern society affects the hearts of many people, to see if from the efficiency and ways to find a breakthrough, with efficient, making the preparation work will not be so boring bitter stalemate, which can be combined with the market, but also the times.

On these issues, we propose a resource integration, centralized control, hierarchical management approach to achieve different levels of personnel at different stages of the preparation work dictionaries can play a role. As a result of this excellent compilation of dictionaries will be phased to constantly improve the joint efforts of different levels of staff.

Bilingual dictionaries compiled model has been basically achieved, please refer to:www.oursdictionary.com