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innovative products point reading pen

  • Author:Nora
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2014-06-30

Point reading pen participate in various games and activities through targeted children, continue to stimulate the sense of touch, sight, hearing and other senses to enrich their experience, grow their interest, and develop their brain.

Point reading pen compact and convenient, very portable, anytime, anywhere using Point and pronunciation, it sounds boring text added on top to make book content richer, making reading and learning more interesting and can be fully realized and conducted education music.

Point reading pen can be a break with traditional thinking has a high-tech learning tool, where it is read by the point where the way, I heard that combine learning to read, to improve the child's interest in learning, stimulate the right brain development, in the joy of learning, absorbing textbook knowledge, so that improve academic performance is no longer a problem. And it is compact, easy to carry, whether in school or in extracurricular, can be used.

Point reading pen is not a toy, nor is teaching aids, let the children play in the knowledge to get in, and there is no light, audio-visual products compared with the screen, the point reading pen for children's eyes there is no radiation, almost no risk of myopia.