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What Is an Electronic Dictionary?

  • Author:Shirley
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  • Release on:2014-07-02

What Is an Electronic Dictionary?

Electronic dictionary contains words and their meaning, spelling and etymology library electronic reference resources. Sometimes, electronic dictionaries play a similar function, regularly dictionary; they are searchable, allowing them to find a particular bit of information about the text. In other cases, they, like word processing program of backstage work in other programs, and exist only to ensure that the correct spelling. When you type a word a word processor program does not match any of the words stored in the electronic dictionary, the word is marked, so I know to check the word. Some electronic dictionaries can be used as dictionaries and translation tools.


It can be found in many different devices, and electronic dictionaries on the Internet in many places. Some of portable, battery-powered device is a dedicated electronic dictionary. Many cell phones and personal digital assistant or PDA, also contains an integrated electronic dictionary that can be used to check spelling or for reference. A portable electronic dictionary is often more convenient than the ordinary dictionary, because it is contained in a much smaller space, more words. In addition, it is often more efficient to search an electronic dictionary, rather than searching the ordinary dictionary; One only needs to input the desired word, look it and all information associated with it.