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The Quicktionary Reading Pen

  • Author:Shirley
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-07-07

The Quicktionary Reading Pen

This is a revolutionary new device. The reading pen was initially given to a group of children aged between three and ten years. The children were shown the video that comes with the pen and then left to play with the device and get used to it. All the children were good readers and had no noticeable difficulties with motor skills. The younger children in the group were a slightly reluctant to engage, however the ten year old children very quickly found out how to use the reading pen; becoming accomplished in its' use within an hour. They were very soon experimenting with it to see if it could recognize handwriting as well as printed text. There was great disappointment when the reading pen was taken back to the office; the children had grown quite fond of it.

On the whole the reading pen looks to be a valuable addition to the technological solutions available to help children who have difficulty with reading. As with any technological aid, it would be best to try out the device first. Experience has shown that however appropriate a parent or educator may feel a technological solution is for a child, it is only by offering children an array of aids and solutions to try, that they will be able to decide upon the best solution for them. It would probably be useful for schools to buy one of these pens to enable children to try it out. If they found it of use, then it is likely a personal reading pen were bought by the parents for the child.