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Education measure for child

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  • Release on:2014-07-13

Education measure for child

Active listening

Active listening describes listening with which the listener repeats the heard with own words and confirms with it.


The punishment is a pedagogic measure with which from a behavior pattern of the child a disagreeable consequence occurs through the educator, with the aim that this behavior pattern is not shown by the child any more or is completely forgotten.


It is very good if the educator alternatively to praise and reward can get child senses of achievement. The success does not go out immediately from the educator, but a pleasant consequence from a certain behavior is out.

For example, is able a child who use in the lessons to learnt knowledge about mushrooms, with the collecting with the family so well that this gets together a good dinner.

Praise and reward

Praise and reward is used by the educator as a consequence on a behavior. With it should be reached that to this behavior a pleasant effect is caused which causes the desired behavior in the child and is learnt with it.