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Do Clients Need to Like You or Trust You?

  • Author:Lydia
  • Release on:2014-07-16

     There’s a lot of knowledge available for free on the web. “Experts” of every stripe are leaping out of every corner, telling people what to do, insisting that their way is the only way to do it, claiming they know the real truth about business or medicine or law.

     The problem is, most of them are wrong. As Berkeley says, they’re all crying out that they tell the truth, but few of them actually bother to put in the effort to really do it.

     Now, it’s not a crime to be wrong. But if you have a loyal following of readers who hang on your every word, who believe in what you’re saying, who you know will take your words and immediately put them to use as though they were a new Gospel, then you have a responsibility to those readers to do everything you can to play the game of truth.