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Listening to Experts is Expensive

  • Author:Lydia
  • Release on:2014-07-17

When new business owners believe faulty information they find on the web, it costs them a great deal. Money, clients, time – it can even ruin them entirely and send them scuttling back to their day jobs.

But why would they doubt you? A new freelancer hears that this guy is an expert. You should go check out his website. So he goes to the website and lo and behold, this expert claims he knows everything about freelancing. So our guy listens attentively. The guy writes with confidence and authority. Our guy takes his advice, and turns around and applies it to his business.

Our guy isn’t alone. You’ve done it yourself – in fact, it’s human nature. I would know; I majored in Psychology in University. I’ve read textbook after textbook on human behaviour and consumer behaviour, perception and influence, and they all say the same thing: we believe others when they sound authoritative.

So when I see someone come out and make a false statement that I know isn’t accurate, I can’t help but get a little angry at that “expert”.

That “expert‘s” readers are trying to improve their business. They’re working hard, they’re trying their damnest to make it successful and bring in clients. They trusted this person to be the expert he or she claims to be, and they put their business in his or her hands by taking the words on faith.

This “expert” is abusing his readers’ trust.