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How Do I Choose the Best Electronic Translator?

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2014-07-24

Electronic translators are handy gadgets that allow users to look up words in their own language to find comparable words and phrases in languages which they do not speak. This is a great tool for international travelers, business professionals who need to translate documents written in other languages, or anyone who wishes to learn a new language. An electronic translator may also be referred to as a pocket translator, speaking dictionary, or electronic dictionary. To choose the best electronic translator, you must first decide which features are necessary for the intended purpose.

One great feature to look for is full text translation. This allows the user to type in random phrases and receive results based on the best match for the words provided. Some translators do not have this feature and translation is limited to individual words or specific phrases programmed by the creator. Speech recognition is another high tech feature, but some misunderstand its use. At this time, language is much too complex to allow a pocket-sized device to actually understand random spoken phrases and translate them into other languages. Many of the electronic translators do have a feature that allows the device to recognize specific, pre-programmed phrases that are spoken by the user.