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What is the best gifts for kids ?

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-07-24

Storyteller toys is an emerging digital machine which can improve early childhood education.
The Machine child's language use to teaching children, and tell touch the soul of story to children. The baby learned a lot about life from Smart rabbit, to motivate the Childers's learning interest, small baby follow story teller to learn how to speak, to exercise good language expression ability. Big baby follow Smart rabbit to cultivate the habit of reading and learning interest. Because of the Smart Rabbit, the baby has the extraordinary way of thinking, to acquire good life habits and Have a good personality. Story teller toys is not only a Childers's toy machine, but also  the baby growth partners!


Basic Feature:


1). Lovely soft ear avoid collision, Warm led light bring baby into a good dream.

2). Light and power button: short press to control light turn on/off , long press to check the power left.

3). Auto-changing 3D facial expression

4). Play Pause: press it switch to pause when playing. Confirming the story catalogue.

5). Forward backward: to switch the last/next story when playing.

6). MIC

7). Recording: Mum record her words before out, baby can listen when wake.

8). Main Menu button to cycle.-

9). High friendly loudspeaker.

10). Rotation button to Turn on/off and adjust volume.

11). USB interface support download and charging.

12).Child lock: to avoid child press the button casually, Mum can lock it, then all the buttons are invalid

13). TF card support more memory.