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The beneficial of the electronic reading pen

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-07-25

Electronic reading pen, is a new style study assistant electronic product, which adopts international advanced technologies like speech synthesis technology, voice recovered technology, OID2 stealth codes technology, DSP digital information processing technology, Flash technology, COMS image processing technology, watermarking codes technology, high resolving optics recognition module technology, MP3 audio processing technology, 128 bits encryption technology.

ABS Material

The advanced sensor recognition technology makes your books open mouth

16MB-4GB system memory, with MP3 function

Pont reading, translation, recording, repeating, following and comparison, Puzzle Games,

New “sleeping” and speech control function


Keystone: The advanced OID technology makes the book to talk. The touch reading pen is with special sensor recognition head, and the books talks as soon as being touched. They are also with puzzle games to develop intelligence.

Learning Way: Not only the sound with pictures, it is also with abundant point reading contents. You can learn by different angles. The study is simpler and the memory is deeper.

Usage: Easy to cooperate with one turn-on and turn-off button, the children can operate it by themselves completely.

Digital Function: With high-fidelity MP3 decode technology to confirm the vivid pronunciation. Repeating following and comparison, and speech control functions are all available.

Growth companion: Those carton images in books accompany the children to learn and play games. It is useful to increase knowledge, cultivate vivacious and optimistic characteristics.