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Kick-off Meeting

  • Author:Shelly
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  • Release on:2014-08-06

Kick-Off Meeting

Kick-Off Meeting Purpose:

1 The development sector planning transparency, increasing Team Member's sense of responsibility;

  2 Let Team Member felt in the coming year for their own learning and growth opportunities


Kick-Off Meeting Topic:

1.    Product planning for the next year

This part is understanding and analysis of major projects ahead of the coming year. After the product planning transparent, Team Member can combine their own interests, to the Team Leader is responsible for the initiative they want to project; Team Leader to learn more about Team Member's willingness to help us carry out technical orientation. Team Leader needs to drive these Member, guide them locate, and even direct clarification of the relevant responsible person who will become the future of a specific project, to increase their sense of responsibility, urging them to start learning plan as soon as possible.


2.    Architecture and resource adjustments

In order to meet product integration, improve test resource utilization, made ​​some adjustment to the framework, to facilitate everyone to understand and cope with future changes in some of the work, including the purpose of adjusting the specific adjustment measures, the situation after adjustment; we need to cooperate in the matter.


3.    Individual annual growth plan

Team Member to talk about their expectations of the development direction and growth objectives, plans, strengthen exchanges between Team Member. Create continuous improvement in the team, the pursuit of excellence atmosphere. Finally, Kick-Off Meeting finished in excited atmosphere.