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Whether it is a smart consumer or not?

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-08-07

Whether it is a smart consumer or not? 

Nowadays the increasing number of students is careful with their money in daily life. For example, collecting coupons, looking for group-buy deals or buying goods in a sale and so on .Some people don’t think it’s wise to do so. However, in my opinion, all behaviors can make us smart consumers.    

What we consider most is saving money. First and foremost, as we are students, we don’t have enough money to buy what we want. Because of this, we should seek for discounts. For instance, we seldom buy clothes unless in a sale. In this way, we can get our favorable clothes in a discount price. Therefore, we collect all kinds of coupons of different shops or market. Most of stores or markets attract customers by giving out vouchers and coupons. We often use them to save money. Even we can choose what kind of coupons we need, and exchange with our friends or roommates. Last but not least, group-buy deals are becoming a popular trend among young people. When we eat out or travel to somewhere, even see a movie, we can search on the Internet and choose which kind of group-buy deals we want. By this way, we can travel or eat out which beyond our affordable. It’s well worth trying 

In a word, it’s wise to do so. Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that all this behaviors can make us smart consumers.