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Tips for Learning English

  • Author:Shelly
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  • Release on:2014-08-11

Tips for Learning English


Is it difficult to learn English, not really! Now, I will share some ways with all of you.


Tips for Reading and Writing 


Find a topic that you are interested in and begin reading. Try to get a book that is just slightly more difficult than you normally read and it will also help you with expanding your vocabulary, learning new grammar styles and, of course, the bonus is that you will be learning more about a topic that interests you. 


For both reading and writing, have a dictionary handy at all times. Make a list of new words and their meanings. Your vocabulary will grow and your writing will improve over time once you learn how to utilize the new words. 


Create a Good Studying Environment 


Have a nice quiet place where you can study. Have adequate lighting. Have water and healthy snacks at hand. Have no outside distractions. Turn off your music. Turn your electronics off unless you are working on your computer or tablet. Don't try to study in crowded areas or with chatty friends. A discussion with other students from your class about the topic you are reviewing can be very helpful, but be careful not to get distracted. 


Effective Study Routine 


Create a study routine. This will make your studying much more effective. Read and write for 1-2 hours and then take a 10-15 minute break. You should try to study for several hours per day. By taking short breaks, it makes it possible to stay focused. Plan to study 6 days a week.  Take one full day off if possible to do something completely different from studying to keep you fresh and attentive.