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Teach child to be Grateful

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-08-12

Teach child  to be Grateful


To be grateful is traditional virtue of our nation. When we were young, our parents taught us to say "thank you" to others who helped you. When we were in primary school, our teachers taught us to say "I love you" to our parents on Father's or Mother's Day. The reason why our parents and teachers taught us to do that is because gratitude is so important in our life. It's gratitude that makes the society colorful. It's gratitude that makes relationship between people much closer. It's still gratitude that let us know the true meaning of life.   


We should be grateful to our parents. They are the people who gave our life, so we can experience joys and sorrows of life. Did you thank to your parents when they give you food to eat? Did you thank to them when they give you clothes to wear? I think the answer is no, because most of us just take it for granted. So as a student, what we should do is to study well, and then we can thank our parents in the future.


We should be grateful to our teachers. They are the people who gave our knowledge. When you make progress, they praise you. When you make mistakes, they criticize you. Maybe you will feel angry, but remember “Honest advice, though unpleasant to the ear, benefits your conduct. You should be grateful to those criticisms and correct your behavior, or you will regret in the future.  


We also need to be grateful to our friends. They are the people who make you not feel lonely. When you meet difficulties, you pour out your sorrows to them, and they comfort you and help you. When you feel lonely, they stay with you. We should always have a grateful heart, and the world will be more harmonious.