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Attention to detail and success

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-08-15
Attention to detail and success

Our mission 

to concentrate on Technical innovation, to solve the obstacles in language learning and communication, and to be an outstanding Pioneer in global language learning and translation field! To enable "DITEER" to be an efficient assistant of global language learning and communication. 

Our vision 
achieving global language barrier-free through exchange and communications! 

Core value 
People-oriented, to feel like a home for every employee. 
Forge ahead, technological innovation, advance with the times, striving for excellence. 
To quality and service as the fundamental, to taste and innovation as the connotation. 
"DITEER"---- Attention to detail and success! 

Enterprise Spirit 
Solidarity and mutual respect ----To build a team of mutual understanding, sincere cooperation with love support. 

Innovation and efficiency----The courage to reform, constant thinking, go beyond oneself, and pragmatic endeavor. 

Happy fighting---- Work is a gift, happy to create, happy to fight and happy to succeed.