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The Method to Learn English

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-09-16

The Method to Learn English 


As one of the Chinese students, it is too hard for us to launch into English-learning because of the atmosphere in China. So students can not experience the progress and success and add to our interests and confidence, it cannot make English-learning more reasonable.


1. The importance of learn English. English language has become an international language because it is used by people in the most countries in the world now. Most Chinese students have a wrong method to learn English. In fact, learning English takes a lot of effort but do not give up, be patient and enjoy yourself.


2. The importance of English-speaking environment. We haven’t got an environment to study English well, especially the spoken-English. In China, if you get high points in English exams then you are thought to be good at English. In my opinion, we do not learn English; we just do the papers again and again. I don’t mean that we all should go abroad to study English. What I want to say is that the English learning environment is very important to us   


3. An efficient learning method is very important. Try to think in English whenever possible, what is more, learn more about the culture behind the language. When you understand the cultural background, you can better use the language. So during our English learning we must improve our integrating skills by guiding the students to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing.


In a word, English become more and more important in our daily life, such as study, work, and communication. So it is necessary for us to grasp English as well. But we are not a native English speaker, so the method to learn English is also important. Only by practice as much as possible and have a good method can we be versed in English.