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Welcome to Canton Fair

  • Author:Shelly
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  • Release on:2014-09-17

Welcome to Canton Fair


The booming Chinese economy produces the arousing success of the Canton Fair. Looking back upon its development, the China Import and Export Fair has reached beyond itself over and over again. The Canton Fair boasts the longest history and highest level among trade fairs in China. It is held biannually in spring and autumn every year in Guangzhou and each session is held in three phrases.


It accommodates the total of 55,000 stands with an exhibition area of 1.1million square meters. About 22,000 enterprises are selected from China’s hundreds of thousands of excellent enterprises. It has the most complete exhibit varieties. The Fair brings together over 150,000 kinds of famous, excellent and new products in 15 categories, including electronics, household electrical appliances, consumer goods, textiles, and garments. Whatever you want to purchase, you can find it at the Fair.  


In a word, this is where businessmen from around the world witness the miracle of China’s development. This is where they can also harvest the wealth, friendship and thousand boundless opportunities. Welcome to Canton Fair.