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Love Life

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-09-21
Love Life 

Along the long river of eternal life, human dip in this water, feel the flow of life. Time Passes Quickly, not yesterday, not life, survival instincts awaken our love life, cherish life.

Love life, smile, open the windows every day to meet a new sun, ray of light wind, the out across the sky. Into the sunshine, let the pure spring of life to show the natural, pristine soil.

Passion for life, such as the shells of the people in the weak value of the short lifetime, in the waves, fine sand with shell Zhuo life. Colorful pattern is eternal does not obliterate the ring. 

Passion for life, the hearty laugh and laugh when the tears when you cry, a cry that a happy smile; fell back on its feet, the whole point of packing to travel. Love life, cherish life, we are alive, very happy.