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What it means to be happy

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-10-10

What it means to be happy


We want to be happy, but what does happiness really mean? How do we know if we are happy? Our perception of life happiness is as individual as the way we perceive hot or cold. For all of us, it's sort of the same, yet it is also different.  

The best way to tell if you are happy is to ask yourself how you are feeling. Remember, happiness does not come from anywhere but inside. If you are in tune with what is right for you, you will be happy. If you are trying to live someone else's definition of authentic happiness, you probably won't be.  


Happy means someone can feel happiness from his/her mood. It is good for people. When people feel happy, they will smile. So, happy is good us. I hope every can be happy in every day.