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Portable voice electronic translator

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-12-11
1. Dictionaries (Bilingual, vice either)
English-English Dictionary(Longman dictionary, Cambridge dictionary optional)
English-French Dictionary
French-English Dcitionary
2. Tools(Calculator, Exchanging rate calculator, Unit exchange)
3. Dialogue(Native speeches with the text to practice your listening
4. Proverbs(to learn some native and proverbs for improving your language learning)
5. Study(Grammar, Test, Math’s Formulas, Physics, Chemistry, Phrasal verbs for choices)
Practical software of doing test, good for students to learn the language by themselves, Right answer will be show after you doing the test.
6. Citizenship(With the famous countries’ citizenship which covering the native law, culture, government and some practical data)
7. Medial players:(Mp3,Ebook,photobrowser,Games,Recorder,U disk)
Name Card
8. Setup( Date and time and other setup)