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Saudi King Abdullah's death at the age of 90

  • Author:cleo
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  • Release on:2015-01-23
According to the Russian "newspaper reported," Jan. 23 news, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, died at 90 years of age. The official statement said the king to the throne Crown Prince Salman.

Abdullah was born in 1924, died at 1:00 local time. December 31, Abdullah confirmed hospitalized, then was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Abdullah Bin Abdullah - Aziz (Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz) 1924 was born in Riyadh, the former King Abdullah Aziz's son, with the father of the late King Fahd of different mother brother. His mother was the Saudi central Najd Province Shama Er tribe of nomadic tribes. Youth, Abdullah had received religious and military education system.

In 1964, Abdullah served as commander of the Saudi National Guard. After the 1975 assassination of King Faisal Abdullah into the government, was appointed second deputy prime minister. After the June 1982 death of King Khalid, was established as a Crown Prince Abdullah, and served as First Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard. August 1, 2005, King Fahd died of illness, heir to the throne Prince Abdullah, Saudi Arabia became the supreme leader, the supreme commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister and Chief of the National Guard commander, in charge of the royal family and the country supreme power.