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George Soros Fianlly retires

  • Author:Cleo
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  • Release on:2015-01-24
The 84 year old famous international investor Soros, announced that the ultimate retirement at the Davos Economic Forum dinner, no longer investment management, future efforts to promote political philanthropy.
The evening of July 26, 2011, Soros's quantum fund investors were told, they invested in the fund's money will be refunded. Since then, the quantum fund into a family business, be regarded as the retirement of Soros.
Now, Soros then put family fund investment director Scott Bessent responsible for, should be called the ultimate retirement.
Soros's glory days: 1992, the offensive pounds, beat England, forcing Britain from the European exchange rate system, when he a net $650000000; 1997, attack the baht, triggered the financial crisis in Southeast Asia; 2012, short yen, earn at least $1000000000; in 2015, to give up on the SNB EUR / CHF 1.2 to maintain lower front the Swiss franc, out of short positions!