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sixty Nephew WomaFall in Love with Her 37-year-old Boyfriend

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2015-01-26

A 61-year-old British woman and her 34-year-old intends fiance birth of the first eight children, which will allow her to become the world's largest natural conception were older.

Reportedly, the woman named Sandra • Gallagher (Sandra Gallagher), she was originally uncle Richard • Bloom (Richard Broom) in communication, the results fell in love with Richard. They together more than two years, the original plan in June to marry and to have a child, but because they can not pay the rent and was forced to drive away, so the plan was set up delay.

It is understood that they and Richard's mother lived in the B & B hotel, the monthly rate is based on 588 pounds (about 5500 yuan), but they also have £ 733 per month (about 6800 yuan) for relief gold. Despite their somewhat bumpy road of love, but they decided to start a new life after finding a stable residence.