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Tea sister Liu Qiangdong hand tour of Thailand to break the breakup rumors

  • Author:CLEO
  • Source:ORIGINAL
  • Release on:2015-01-26

In January 25th, the netizen in Thailand encounter Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian, and take pictures, pictures one after the two, seems to be a Buddhist monastery in Thailand tourism, Zhang Zetian also took the hand of Liu Qiangdong.

Recently, the media to take tea sister Zhang Zetian from Nanjing after recording the program after the Beijingairport, in the underground garage, Liu Qiangdong was still with her exclusive car to meet the emperor, after alsowent directly to Liu Qiangdong and sister cohabitation before tea house, breaking up Wen Chengmi two people.Recently, the netizen photographed Liu Qiangdong and tea sister sweet truck with pictures of Thailand, confirmed that two people did not break up.

Previously, the media have reported that Liu Qiangdong and tea sister did not break up, but the odds, engage inthe cold war. Reasons why the relationship problems occur at the two are Liu Qiangdong always wanted tea sisternot to dye the entertainment circle that stand "muddy water", later engaged in "serious" work or help their cause,and the current popular tea sister faces a lot of temptation entertainment, film about endless, don't Beckoning up,want to in the performing arts "test the water", so the outbreak of the conflict with Liu Qiangdong, young tea sisterbreath removed and her boyfriend "love micro-blog".