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A 40 years ago woman married to their herself

  • Author:CLEO
  • Source:ORIGINAL
  • Release on:2015-01-29
  According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on January 27, Houston, Texas (Houston) of Yasi Min · Ellie ratio (Yasmin Eleby) recently held a unique wedding, is about 40-year-old Ellie ratio is not going to marry a man, but ourselves.
  Wedding, Ellie than wearing a purple dress, a lot of friends and family come to bless. The wedding ceremony is purely spiritual, does not comply with the law. Wedding by three priest, one of whom was her sister Ellie ratio. Ellie bridesmaids than a total of 10, accompanied by his mother into the marriage hall.
  Ellie than early on in their Facebook issued in May 2013, claiming that she would marry him. In this regard, my friends are very supportive than Ellie. A friend replies that she posts on Facebook, said: "!. Congratulations to you that we have spent 40 years to realize that we do not need a man can live successfully," another friend said, "This is a well-deserved celebration of life." .
  Despite the unusual behavior than Ellie, but she was not the first to marry their women. July 2014, former Australian radio host Sami Powell (Sammy Power) celebrated his 50th birthday at the time, announced and with life-size cardboard themselves tied the knot. Powell said, the year of her life took a lot of changes, including tobacco and alcohol, weight 25 kg.