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Wuhan boy was enrolled by "god" school of the united Arab emirates

  • Author:Oley
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  • Release on:2015-01-30
Wuhan boy  was enrolled by  "god" school of  the united Arab emirates (uae) with1.8 million scholarship
Hong Kong media said a Hubei Wuhan foreign languages school students Mingyang Wang recently get admitted to the university of New York, ABU dhabi in united Arab emirates (uae), and obtain the university four years a total of 1.8 million yuan of scholarship, ming-yang wang so quickly become Internet sensation .
According to Hong Kong "sing pao daily news" reported on January 29, only four years at the university of New York, ABU dhabi is a history of running schools. One describes the school is "a school same as the  god," from 2010 to 2014, the acceptance rate is very low, apply for success rate under one percent in 2012, well below the 7% acceptance rate of Harvard University. Ming-yang wang early last month as a primary shortlisted candidates, was invited to attend the school of "candidates" weekend, enjoy a free Tours "" the united Arab emirates (uae), and accept the fete 8 star of emirates palace.