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After the Japanese hostage beheaded Kenji Fujimoto

  • Author:Cleo
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2015-02-01
   Comprehensive foreign media reports, January 31 night a video uploaded to the Internet show, after being extremist organization "Islamic State" (ISIS) kidnapped Japanese hostage has been beheaded Kenji Fujimoto. The Japanese government is to verify the authenticity of the video.
   The video released by ISIS media Al Furqan, when there is 1 minute 7 seconds long. After decapitation before vine, ISIS masked executioner "jihadists John," English said passage, said the Japanese government should be responsible for the death of Goto. Video did not mention the case of Jordan, Air Force pilots Casa bay.
   Goto, 47, is a freelance writer who interviewed in some areas of Afghanistan and Africa. He reported that the local war to Syria last year, met another Japanese hostages may be on the 24th of this month ISIS beheaded Yukawa away dishes. After Yukawa August Kidnapped news, Goto has been worried about, and no news in the same year in October to return after Syria.
24 reported that a supporter of ISIS uploaded to the Internet a video display, Yukawa had been beheaded, while the video has also released new requirements Goto released, that the Jordanian authorities to release detained female prisoners Seyda · Rishawi. Jordanian authorities said the Rishawi willing to release women prisoners, on condition that the release of the Jordanian military pilots Casa ISIS bay. But then there has been no agreement on the exchange of the two sides reached reported.
   Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has said on the 28th, Japan will continue to work closely with the Jordanian government, for the release of the hostages as soon as possible. If the 31st night of video proved to be true, it means that the Japanese government failed to rescue the hostages.