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Li Hejun-- The 12th richest man in China

  • Author:CLEO
  • Source:ORIGINAL
  • Release on:2015-02-03
Report Research Institute released "Hurun Global Rich List 2015 Star River" River Lee Jun Ma and Wang Jianlin overcome 16 years to become the first 12 China's richest man.

Global 222 billion dollar billionaires increased, reaching 2089 people, the highest calendar year.

649 fortunes increase over last year; 341 new faces into the list; 869 wealth. 95 billionaires on the list last year, dropped out of the list this year, including 10 Russians.

US and Chinese champion, respectively, with 537 and 430 billion dollar billionaires, Hoogewerf this year accounted for almost half of the world's richest. China has 72 new entrants, mainly due to China's stock market to rise; followed by the US, there are 56 new to the list. India increased 27, broke into the top three for the first time, replacing Russia.

59-year-old Gates fortune 520 billion yuan, won the world's richest man; Slim Fortune 510 billion yuan, followed by; Buffett Fortune 460 billion yuan in third. The sum of the top three wealth growth reached 300 billion yuan, an average increase of 600,000 yuan per minute.

New York remains the most livable city rich list. Greater China, the largest city in the rich list of world's top ten cities to live up half: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen (rising from 9 to No. 7), Taipei (down from No. 7 to No. 6) and Shanghai (rising from 15 to section 9). In addition, Hangzhou is also in the top 20, rising from 18 through 17. Hoogewerf said: "The world's top ten most concentrated urban entrepreneurs, there are five in the Greater China region, beyond expectations!"

The next year the technology industry as a major source of wealth of the rich list, 297 people, 40 more than last year. Followed by real estate, manufacturing, investment and retail. The list of China's richest real estate is the most important source of wealth, followed by manufacturing and technology industries. 30-year-old Zuckerberg wealth grew 42 percent, broke into the top 10 of the list.

"The new energy king," 48-year-old Jun Li River Fortune 160 billion yuan to become the new richest man in China, Wang Jianlin, after the commercial real estate and Wanda Wanda Cinemas (65.89, 5.99, 10.00%) successfully listed on the back of the second, because of Alibaba Jack Ma fell to the third row.

69% of the list are self-made billionaires. China for the first time someone enters the world's top 20 richest self-made, and has accounted for three seats: Jun Li River, Ma and Wang Jianlin.

The number of self-made female billionaires China ranks first in the world. Global self-made rich list, 69 are women, including 35 from China.