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Britain announced 2015 celebrity five hundred list Most come from private schools

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  • Release on:2015-02-06

Britain announced 2015 celebrity five hundred list Most come from private schools

BBC English network - England, bly (Debrett 's) 2015 annual 500 most influential people in the results showed that nearly half of men from rich families and have a private education background.

Critics point out that this shows that in today's social injustice sex gradually strong, life family do most importance than any time since the second world war, and from the bottom of the people hope that through efforts and enterprising opportunities to fading.

noble school

Research shows that more than 40% of Britain's "most according to the influence of the" Yu Fushu family background, and accept the private education - that is, at the so-called "elite schools". In addition to the private School graduates, 500 people and 20% graduated from is public but need through strict appraisal "Grammar School" (Grammar School); And these people tend to be born in at least middle class families. That is more than 60% of the UK's most influential people from the superior family and education background. Research also shows that the British social elites and the main working in finance and economics, and literature and art, thus forming of finance and economics and upper art field is mainly composed of noble family descended from imbalance of unify the whole country. The inclusion of graduated from public schools, the vast majority of employees in competitive sports; That is because a special talent to come out on top.

Celebrity politicians

DE bly 2015 including 500 most influential people in Britain's prince Charles prince, prime minister David Cameron and former prime minister Tony Blair, branson's virgin group President, comedian brand, leading new Sherlock Holmes Chambers Bach, soccer star David Beckham, formula one racing driver, Louise, and numerous political, business and other literary and arts celebrities. Study found that in addition to the majority of Britain's most influential people accepted the "elite schools" or "grammar school" the master of education outside the social mobility obstacle hysteresis, the number of male is absolutely dominated women: only 147 women in 500. Analysts pointed out that the most influential people on the politics, literary, and finance, finance in the British society using double some new "aristocratic" class; And their children benefit from expensive private education, will also be more likely to be "inherited" elite position.

The hereditary elite

DE bly Joanna James Milner, director of the judges (Joanne Milner) said: "although the list of the latest DE bly, 500 people from all walks of life, but if the British society wants to become more diverse and merit, is still a long way to go. Now the situation is, children from upper class families are more likely to depend on the relatively rich inherent social capital success in life." Committed to strive for the Sutton Trust education opportunity equality (Sutton Trust) for drow (Lee Elliot Major) also pointed out: "the UK's most influential people still mostly school education background, explain our social mobility surprisingly low; also shows that we are fighting for different classes of young people can have the opportunity to self-realization is still far from enough. Top university entrance requirements should pay more attention to ability instead of the applicant's financial resources."

Bly annual list as early as 500 began in 1796, a year according to the standard and strict appraisal expert review, selects the maximum of 500 celebrities influence on British society