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American invited as a model prisoner handsome salary $ 30,000

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  • Release on:2015-02-08
    US federal prosecutors said on the 6th, because of "jail standards like handsome" and the Internet became popular Jeremy Meeks, for illegal possession of firearms charges, was sentenced to 27 months.

    US Justice Department spokesman, said Mary Wenger, on the 5th, Sacramento, California District Court Judge Ramli Meeks sentenced 27 months in prison, and asked him to participate in substance abuse treatment programs in prison.

    Last year, because the police posted online Jeremy Meeks of jail standards like, triggering massive points praise, Meeks is being called "the most handsome prisoner." Because handsome, even their brokerage firm also dished out the "olive branch."

    US gossip magazine TMZ news that Jeremy has signed a $ 30,000 contract with a brokerage firm in Los Angeles. He is also well-known agent with the United States signed Rodriguez, and will participate in the reality show after release.
Santa Cruz, Calif., Police released a "reggae head," according to a recent online suspects burst of red, many friends for his angular face and crazy reggae head, allowing him more than a big ticket fans.

    This "handsome suspects" called Kerry, 29, because he "holds a deadly weapon" was arrested, but his weapon is not a gun or a knife, but a tennis racket. This bizarre attack occurred on Halloween day, dressed as a tennis player of Kerry, after seeing one at the party dressed as a Fox television anchor man, suddenly attacked him with a tennis racket wildly angry, loud mouth also clamored "I hate Fox News"!

    Although the victim did not suffer serious injuries, but Kerry still being arrested, just after his photo was placed on the blog archives, it has attracted many female friends discussing. Some say he's green eyes and angular chin is so fascinating, it was said, "I love the color of his skin"; however, in the Anglo-American media as "the most handsome prisoner may have to substitutions," and other words to report when the rise of Kerry's still one vote Meaux advocates come out, "said Meaux is the most sexy "!