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Abe 's personality was questioned by the media

  • Author:CLEO
  • Source:ORIGINAL
  • Release on:2015-02-09
  Japanese hostage after Kenji Goto is the video publicly "Islamic State" killed less than a week, Abe began to frequent the Banquet. Japanese media said that although the parties have been accused because of the hostage incident, Abe still brazenly lifted "Night Tree tour." As the prime minister of a country, before discussing the ruling power, his personality has been questioned.

  "Modern Journal" on the 8th, said Abe attended Tokyo a 3 night hotel at the "New Year's will", the organizers of the Liberal Democratic Party with former General Kunio Hatoyama and others. Abe, speaking first of the hostage incident, said: "Japan has changed, and the Japanese in the future do not let (the Islamic State) taking even a finger." 5, Abe liberal democracy lawyers attended the LDP headquarters in the New Year will be held. According to the same sources said the LDP seats, Abe During the meeting in a good mood, always a smile on his face.

  From the evening of March 21 after returning to visit the Middle East, in response to the hostage incident Abe has lived in Prime Minister's residence. I thought he was some time ago due to a serious lack of sleep, lethargic at the reception. But at the end of "domestic and foreign policy," House and Senate budget committee deliberations focused held Abe seems to have been completely "liberated." Reported that after the New Year will end, Abe went to an upscale restaurant in Tokyo, with the chairman of the Yomiuri Group, a drink for about two hours. Fee per person to eat at least 15,000 yen (about 800 yuan).

  Japanese media said was killed shortly after Goto, Japan and the international community are immersed in mourning, but has a close relationship with Abe Members' drink and a laugh, "not only because the government does not deal with poor behavior leads to tragedy remorse and apology also boldly say "let (Islamic State) taking even a finger," this is the case, said Ming times have completely lost reason.