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Egyptian riot happened stampede

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  • Release on:2015-02-09



                                       Egyptian riot happened stampede


Feb 9 (Reuters) 8, according to foreign media reports, local time, the Egyptian capital Cairo riot incidents.A large number of free ticket but not into fans clashed with police, then turned violent.So far, at least 22 people died in the riots.
According to the Egyptian health ministry statistics, conflict also 25 people were injured.
Reported that on the night football super league in Egypt, before the start of a game under the condition of zamalek fans without tickets tried to force their way into a stadium in eastern Cairo, clashed with police in responsible for the stadium security.
Reported that the police used tear gas to disperse fans rioted, some vehicles damaged in the riots.Affected by the conflict, the football match start time delayed for 30 minutes.
On the day of Egypt's interior ministry said in a statement that zamalek fans to crowded stampede occurred while rushed into the stadium.Authorities say that many of the injured broke his neck, and some by tear gas suffocation, lead to death.
It is reported that the Egyptian interior ministry after limit the game personnel in 10000, but was soon sold out.Many fans without tickets congestion around the stadium, are also trying to climb the stadium fence, after police arrived to expel them.
In recent years, Egypt between fans, the fans and the conflict between the police.In February 2012, open powered hurley and port said the Egyptian team of a football match triggered riots, two teams after the game fans holding sticks and equipment both inside and outside the stadium in the melee, killing at least 74 people were killed and hundreds injured.Since then, because of dissatisfaction with the verdict, fans clashed with police many times.