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Zhu Rongji donated about 4,000 million RMB in 2 years

  • Author:CLEO
  • Source:ORIGINAL
  • Release on:2015-02-10
Beijing Times (Reporter Chen Qiao) yesterday, China Philanthropy Research Institute released "2014 China donated one hundred outstanding list." List shows that China's "one hundred million" class donor number reached 24, hitting a new high over the years. Bai Jie chart, Zhu list for the second time, two years, donated a total of about 40 million yuan.

According to the list of data, in 2014, China donated Bai Jie standings ENTRY large donations for a total staff of 30.416 billion yuan, compared with 2013's 14.7 billion yuan has increased dramatically. Which has donated over 24 million donors, three years before the "Billion" class donor numbers 18, 17 and 22, respectively.

Early last year, China donated 2013 debut Zhu Jie hundred standings, caused widespread media attention when he was the only one on the list of non-entrepreneurs. Zhu list again this year, two years, donated a total of about 40 million yuan.

Zhu donated money going to come from? It is understood that, in September 2009, "Zhu A reporter asked," after the book was published, Zhu made it clear that he did not take a penny, all the royalties donated to social welfare, hoping to help improve children's learning in poor areas and living conditions.

From the list were the number, the Guangdong has 25 donor list, once again become the largest donors to produce large area. Beijing 14 people on the list, ranked second.