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US couple married for up to 81 years

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  • Release on:2015-02-11
US couple married for up to 81 years,The secret is called "wife first".

BEIJING, Feb. 11, according to foreign media reports on the 10th, the United States recently held the longest married couple contest, the results that have been accompanied by up to 81 years to win a couple. It is said that the secret of their long marriage is "always the wife first."

On Saturday (7th), from Kansas Granny Alice - with her husband Rocky Dell - Rocky beat remaining 375 pairs of couples, won the nation's most enduring marriages contest winner.

In 1933, the couple spent $ 2, took out a marriage certificate, has embarked on the road forever.

Today, 99-year-old has already undergone two old 13 US presidents, had five sons, 28 grandchildren (female) or great-grandchildren (female), claiming more than 80 years living a "wonderful life."

Ellis said that the secret of the couple up to 81 years of long-distance love is all things, "she always makes her husband's temper come from."

After the couple retired in 1979, traveled the southern states, and now they even have had great-grandchildren.