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IS a senior leader in Afghanistan was killed by drones

  • Author:CLEO
  • Source:ORIGINAL
  • Release on:2015-02-11
   BEIJING, Feb. 9, according to foreign media reports on the 9th, the leaders of extremist groups in Afghanistan MullahAbdulRauf drone air strikes were killed, he had previously declared allegiance to the extremist organization "Islamic State" (IS), is considered to be in Afghanistan IS the person in charge.
    Reports, Helmand province, police said, MullahAbdulRauf was riding in a vehicle loaded with ammunition when crossing the desert, with six people on board were killed along with drones.
    Reported, MullahAbdulRauf had previously declared the Taliban out, allegiance to the IS. Had also reported that the Afghan military, provincial officials and tribal leaders believe that December 2007 was released from Guantanamo IS MullahAbdulRauf is to establish a foothold in Afghanistan, responsible person.