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The White House still does not pay for hostages detained Kidnapped hos

  • Author:CLEO
  • Source:ORIGINAL
  • Release on:2015-02-12
US President Barack Obama announced on the 10th, confirmation was "Islamic State" (IS) kidnapped American woman of quality Kyla Miller had died, but Obama did not say how the death of Miller. A few hours later, he reiterated that the US government will not pay ransom for hostages was a terrorist organization.

US captors vowed to bring to justice

Obama issued a statement earlier in the day, Miller announced the death, condolences to the Miller family, and vowed "no matter how long," should the kidnappers to justice.

"Islamic State" previously declared Jordan Miller died in Syria's air strikes. But the United States can not be confirmed, but Jordan is accused of "Islamic State" lying.

White House press statement, Miller's family weekend received an email from the kidnappers and pictures, these data allow US intelligence agencies to determine, Miller has been killed.

Obama then told BuzzFeed website interview, Miller told his family that he should not be allowed to pay the ransom exchange of hostages, it was "a difficult decision."

Obama said, when informed that Miller's death, his "first reaction was heartbreaking." He spoke highly of Miller is an "outstanding young women," her spirit will last forever.

Miller, now 26 years old, worked in India, Israel and Palestine engaged in humanitarian work, in August 2013, in the Syrian city of Aleppo was the "Islamic State" militants captured.

Around Miller incident, the US government does not pay ransom policy again under pressure. Media reports, some European countries to pay the ransom, indeed part of the hostages in exchange.

But Obama reiterated that the policy appropriate, because "Once we started doing (to pay the ransom), not just the funding they killed innocent people and enhance their organization, but we will really put the Americans into becoming future kidnappings important goal. "

The White House said the US hostages still detained

Obama said the United States had been through other ways, Miller's attempt to obtain freedom, including last summer in Syria organize a special raid. "We always put enormous resources to rescue the prisoners or hostages." He said.

Obama said: "I deployed a complete action, at great risk, and others tried to rescue her kidnapped persons, may be just a day or two late, missed them."

Miller had previously been considered to be the last American hostage "Islamic State" in the hands of. But White House spokesman Josh Ernest said: "We know that there are other American hostages were seized in that region." But he did not provide further details.

Reuters, is considered in the "Islamic State" in the hands of the hostages, including British photographer John Cantley.

August 2012, the US correspondent Austin Tice was missing the Syrian capital Damascus. His family still initiate activities to date, I hope to attract attention. Currently, there is no news that he had been hijacked or still alive.

In recent months, the "Islamic State" has killed three Americans, two Britons and two Japanese, many of whom are aid workers or reporters.