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Yemen's large houthi demonstrations

  • Author:Oley
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2015-02-12

Yemen's large houthi demonstrations

 the web according to the Reuters news agency reported on February 12, the   yemeni capital sanaa broke out and the character of the southwest town of 11 large-scale demonstrations against shia houthi forces, the us, Britain and France embassy in the country's security worries have shut down, people have been evacuated. Reported that so far, the protests broke out in the country's largest houthi forces protests. In has been houthi forces control Sana, hundreds of people took part in the houthi protests, demonstrations, in the process of the houthi forces fired into the crowd warning shots, and in not under the control of the houthi forces in southwestern town of Zaire, thousands of people make banners and Shouting against the houthi parade. According to the report, given the houthi forces anti-western attitude, the United States, Britain and France embassy in yemen has been closed, personnel evacuated, and destroyed before evacuation equipment and documents. In addition, the German embassy is ready to leave. The houthi forces accused western countries