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[Singapore] romantic underwater restaurant

  • Author:Rachel
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  • Release on:2015-02-13
[Singapore] romantic underwater restaurant

Taste restaurant sea is perhaps best suited to inspire the whole of Singapore romantic place, romantic shades of blue enveloped the restaurant, and in front of hordes of marine life in front of the water is slowly cruising. The world's top chef Cat Cora developed for the restaurant menu with light, simple and healthy diet concept-based, and the ingredients are taken from this area.

"After studying the Asian food, I have some Asian ingredients into some of my signature dishes, such as a named Coq Au Vin Asia dish, I added lemongrass braised in sake of the broiler, roast ginger, Thailand red pepper and cabbage. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to open their own restaurant in such a special place. "

Beauty chef Cat Cora is where the executive chef, she became world famous chef really is not surprising. In her 15 years old, she had developed a business plan for their restaurant. In 2005, she created the Food Network TV show "Iron Chef America" of history, becoming the first woman show "Iron Chef." Since then she has a restaurant in the United States Macy's South Coast Plaza, San Francisco and Boston airports, as well as the opening of Walt Disney World, Kate's culinary charm two things affect the US coast.

And in the famous TV show "Kitchen Accomplished" where you can see her, she will work with a program designer and an architect together in three days to help a homeowner renovate his kitchen. Besides her figure also includes another file very popular TV show "Around the in 80 Plates World".