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American men killed three Arab youth

  • Author:Oley
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  • Release on:2015-02-13

American men killed three Arab youth

According to report of xinhua north Carolina shot and killed a man 10, three Arab youth. Because the man had previously released on social networking sites for Arab's religious rhetoric, shooting sparked fierce debate. Some religious groups called for the authorities to investigate the case if there is a religious revenge motive. Check pearl hill, north Carolina, said police 11 at 5 PM local time, mass 10, 11, 6 in the morning (Beijing time) xu occurred in an apartment near the university of north Carolina campus area. Criminal suspects Craig, Stephen hicks, 46, is a full-time lawyer assistant, charged with first-degree murder. He had posted on the facebook social networking media against religious message and a row with his neighbor. Victims are students at the university of north Carolina dental o di, shaddy, Joseph barakat, his new wife, Mohammed and Joseph's sister praise, muhammad ABU sal. Three per capita participate in humanitarian aid.