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Madonna fell from the ceremony singing on stage

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2015-02-26

China Network February 26 hearing, according to foreign media reports, at the 2015 Brit Awards concert performances, this year 56-year-old Madonna on three steps from the fall. But she does not seem right, then got up and continued his performance.

Madonna with practical action to the world that she is a warrior, because even from three steps then fell off a high place, she did not care, then continue their performances. It is reported that when she was performing a dance, fall event took place at the foot of instability.

It was the audience that they can clearly hear the sound of Madonna fell to the ground and fell to the ground microphone sound. People think this fall will be very serious, leading to performances thus terminated, but Yishuai no effect on Madonna, she still got up and continued to sing and dance. Finally, she completed her near-perfect performance, even more interesting is that there is such a word in her singing the lyrics: "neverStop, nothing can stop me forward. "Lyrics and field emergencies formed a very interesting echo.