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Shenzhen: the future is expected to take the subway to a small Meisha

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2015-02-28

Shenzhen Urban Planning Committee, Shenzhen Urban Planning and Land Resources Committee recently Xiao Meisha area of ​​the statutory plan revision (draft) of the publicity. Public display, small Meisha metro area will be reserved for the possibility of Yantian line access, and will build to the track as the backbone, tour buses and regular buses for public transportation systems leading to the future, combined with orbital station, tourist center, the establishment of large-scale Public transport flow distribution center.

Based on "Track three projects on the 8th line of traffic detailed planning," the plan is the planning of the track Yantian line (line 8) pass, and set small Meisha station in the film area, the specific line position and site plan approval will be final prevail. Statutory Plans Xiao Meisha Meisha area covers the east Qi Head Mountain, south of Emerald Lake Reservoir, west of the dorsal horn, Aberdeen, North Haven Xiaomei area enclosed coastal waters, with a total planned area of ​​253.24 hectares.

Reporters learned from the Municipal Planning and Land Committee, the plan will form a "three-axis four districts" structure: three-axis is the size of Meisha coastal casual contact axis, as well as north-south axis of the mountain scenery. Four areas include marine theme park area, the hotel features business group (two core areas) and water sports service areas and forest health resort.