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Chaijing expense survey took 103 minutes documentary haze

  • Author:Cleo
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2015-03-01
  Chai Jing from CCTV whereabouts after leaving once concern and hot. Today, Chai Jing's new work - large air pollution welfare depth investigation "Chaijing haze Survey: Under the Dome" episode, Chai Jing also appeared to accept media interviews. She said, prompting her to investigate the reason for this is not born daughter would suffer from cancer, from birth to undergo surgery, "in the care of her process, the haze becomes more intense feelings."
  "Under the Dome" the entire film 103 minutes, Chai Jing visited many contaminated site to find the root causes of haze and pollution multinational field shooting experience. The survey on haze, are considered "non-institutional, non-reporters made the most authoritative source of information most three-dimensional vision of the most open, the most abundant means of action most sense haze investigation." Prior to the exchange site, Chaijing integrated use public lectures, live demonstrations, video display and network communication these four methods, analyzes the four major problems to serious air pollution in Chinese coal and oil exist.
  To accomplish this difficulty is not a small survey, Chaijing rushing in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, but also personally and his companions started shooting together, editing video, more critical is this investigation is to spend her own money. After the farewell CCTV, choose this theme let everyone surprised, talking mind, Chai Jing said: "This is not a plan in the works, because the child was ill, after I quit going to use a considerable period of time for her to take care of her, so declined the invitation to all the work. take care of her during the feelings of haze is becoming increasingly intense. "
  "This is a personal grudge between me and haze." Public speech, Chai Jing broke the first time, she did not suffer from tumor born daughter, from birth to undergo surgery, has been recovered. But the fear that one day her daughter would ask, "What is Blue Sky", "why do you always put me at home", which started the investigation haze. Chai Jing said that before she was pregnant and never wear masks, every encounter fog and haze days after her daughter was born children do not even have to worry about inhaling laughing too PM2.5, she worried that children living in polluted air, lose at the starting line.