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Arabic english global voice Language translator for students learning

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2015-03-04
1) Designed by high quality concept, overall upgrade; Super slim body designed of metal shell with Ultrathin UV oil injection, high-grade aluminum surface; suffered wear and tear looks very nice.
2) Contain the Miracles Quran and Riyadh Hadith Collection out of Islamic data, ect. With recitation function, native voice, it can make you knowing deeply culture.
3) Total vocabulary ore than 1.44 millions.
Arabic-Chinese dictionary 220,000
Chinese-Arabic dctionary 200,000
English-Arabic 250,000
English-Chinese dictionary 150,00
Chinese-English dictionary 130,00
English-English dictionary 100,00
Chinese-Chinese dictionary 100,00
synonym of Russian 5,000
antonym of Russian 5,000
classified dictionary 30,000
Chinese dictionary of idioms 5,000
dictionary of idioms&proverbs 3,000
new vocabulary of Russian schoolbook 15,000
4)Functions: dictionary, dialogue, English-test, Quran, calculator, entertainment, information, set up