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China and Canada for 10 years managing mutual visa issued

  • Author:Rachel
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  • Release on:2015-03-09
March 8, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in the National People's Congress press conference, said: "We will go abroad for everyone to create more convenient conditions, we can always come to a 'stay away' travel, and go more smooth, safer and more comfortable. "

Wang said that last year, the Foreign Ministry set up a global consular protection and emergency call center service hotline 12308, wandering between overseas and has set up an all-weather family motherland, zero-day, accessible green channel, no matter which corner of compatriots living abroad encounter any difficulties, just dial the phone, you can get help the Foreign Ministry and embassies and consulates in the first time.

Wang also said China and Canada has just swapping a maximum period of 10 years, the visa agreement, it will be implemented tomorrow.

Data from China consular service network show since March 9, 2015, the Canadian mutual access to each other's countries for business, tourism, visiting each other civic activities, issuing multiple-entry of each stay does not exceed 180 days, valid up to 10 years but not more than a passport valid for the appropriate visa category.