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Primary Singapore language more

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2015-03-10
The Chinese people have been to Singapore for this country may be neat and bustling cityscape and combining Chinese and Western style rather surprised that in the end is not quite sure himself in Chinese or foreign. In Singapore this small island more than 500 million people live. This is a once in a coexistence of various ethnic colonial rule the larger society. Now nearly 80% of Singaporeans are Chinese, 14% Malays, Indians and the rest Eurasians and so on. Complexity and diversity of their language, no common language is a natural. Thus, the Singapore Constitution clearly stipulates that it is the official language, "Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English," four kinds. Congress MPs in his speech, which can be optionally a language.

Due to the historical tradition of links with Singapore, Malaysia, the Malay language is specified as the sole national language of Singapore. Today, Singapore's national anthem is only one version, that is Malay version. But interestingly, Malay Singaporeans are not common language, English is the official language is actually the most common and a strong dominant language is compulsory for all students. Singapore English has become the English regional variations and dialects "Singlish". Government departments and major companies have to use the English-based, Chinese people can only know how to communicate in everyday life, can not enter the upper classes of society, thus causing heavy Singapore Chinese society in general English, the mother tongue of the phenomenon of light. In Singapore, Mandarin-speaking family less and less, but only Malay people, even everyday exchanges probably have difficulties, because nearly 80 percent of the Chinese population in Singapore do not understand the basic Malay.