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Flower Show held in Toronto, Canada

  • Author:Rachel
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  • Release on:2015-03-16
Flower Show held in Toronto, Canada

According to foreign media reports, local time on the 13th until the 22nd, 19th, held in Toronto, Canada, Canada flower show. In the past 115 years has experienced one of the coldest winters, the Toronto people can not wait to the early arrival of spring.

Reported that the 19th Canadian flower show as in previous years, with the full support of the Ontario florist, gardening suppliers and clubs. But unlike in previous years is that this flower and garden show the use of stage lighting to enhance the visual effect of indoor flower show.

Flower Show this year, in addition to a garden and floral design experts, but also demonstrated the amateur floral. The show was also held at different levels floral competition winners by an expert assessment, conducted a live demonstration.

Reported that the significance of Toronto Flower Show is not only to show floral, gardening and garden design beauty, but the fans are interested in gardening provides a variety of gardening knowledge, so that they can beautify their living environment.