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CES 2016: What to expect!

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  • Release on:2016-01-06

     The eyes of the tech world will be firmly fixed on Las Vegas  Jan.6 when the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off .The most popular these eight areas:

      TV: HDR technology to emerge

      Smart Home: Things as the driving force

      Computers: Portable Mini PC Concern

      Phone: still will not be the protagonist of CES

      Wearable device: merging fashion and technology

      Cars: Unmanned no longer be superior

      VR: Three new products will be listed in the year

      UAV: the gradual transformation of the consumer market

     Aspect CES this year can be described as very rich, compared to those on the conceptualization of science and technology last CES, this year a lot of innovative technology and products so that consumers can embark on the stage at your fingertips. Let us translate by language learning machine, enjoy a swim in the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show!