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China's diplomacy has entered its "Middle East time"

  • Author:Ya
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2016-01-20

   Chinese President Xi Jinping started a five-day trip to the Middle East on Tuesday. The timing of President Xi's Middle East visits to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran indicates China's diplomacy has entered its "Middle East time".
   Middle East occupy an important position in the global pattern, for China, the Middle East is the biggest overseas energy supplier.At the same time it is the key China's Belt and Road Initiative. Xi Jinping's visit to China's overall diplomacy layout significant, will greatly enhance the three countries as well as countries in the region with bilateral relations between China and pragmatic cooperation.

    China is not mean to contend for hegemony in the Middle East, will adhere to the principles of mutual respect and win-win cooperation,advocate dialogue and cooperation to promote peaceful development.

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