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Apple official in China to pay Apple Pay on-line.

  • Author:Ya
  • Source:China daily
  • Release on:2016-02-21
   At 5:00 on February 18, Alipay and micro-channel pay ushered in a new rival - Apple official in China to pay Apple Pay on-line. China has become the world's fifth national support ApplePay services, is the first non-English-speaking countries and Asian countries.

   Then the "pay Apple" (Apple Pay) in the end is what?
   Apple paid Apple in 2014 Apple's new fall conference on the release of a payment service NFC (Near Field Communication, NFC) based mobile, on October 20, 2014 formally launched in the United States.

   What are the conditions to achieve "Apple pay a" need?
    First, we must meet certain requirements of the Apple model (iPhone 6 above; iPhone / iPad system iOS9.2 or more; Apple Watch for an OS 2.1 and above). Second, the need to support the use of Apple held by bank card payments, the first batch of 19 bank debit card and credit card support. Finally, the line of POS machines need to support NFC payments . Because Apple Pay-compatible flash CUP pay (Quick Pass), so see where flash pay, the basic can be used.

   how to use?
  Phone touches POS terminals (point-of-sale terminals), enter a password, or fingerprint .

   Apple to pay Alipay, the difference between micro-channel pay?
  Alipay, micro-letter difference is that Apple just pay Apple to build a payment service that links banks, merchants and users, but not the money to pay treasure as their own presence here, it does not participate in fund management and settlement, so in addition to " virtual card ", and does not store user transactions and other information.

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