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1804 student from mainland were accepted by Taiwan’s college this year

  • Author:Nora
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  • Release on:2014-07-10

The recruitment result of
Taiwan’s colleges and universities was released on July 7, 1804 people from mainland were admitted, the admission rate up to 90.74%, a record high. Which first opened in 2014 to recruit terrestrial public University admitted 172 people

According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's "regional colleges to recruit mainland students Joint Admission Committee" released data show that in 2014 the total number of undergraduate classes to enroll mainland students to Taiwan universities reached 4521 people, there are 3404 people who achievement standards, and ultimately 64 general university admissions 1431, 55 technology colleges enrolled 373 people. Admission terrestrial maximum order of the top three universities in general, Ming Chuan University, Tamkang University, Chinese Culture University, science colleges, compared with the first three Te University, Chaoyang University of Technology, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. From a professional point of view, the most terrestrial of financial reporting is voluntary financial, business management classes, and electronic information classes.